India's TOP 10 best meat delivery Apps
India's TOP 10 best meat delivery Apps

Buying meat locally can be chaotic and confusing as to which vendor to buy from and the hygienic and quality standards are the main concerns for many. So, in order to make the process hassle-free, there are firms that deliver the best quality meat at your doorstep. Here, we have listed some of the best meat delivery apps that can bring you fresh meat every time you order at the best price.

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Meatup should be your one-stop shop for all of your meat purchasing if you live in Karnataka. It is renowned for bringing the best meat of the highest halal grade right to your door. It is the fastest-growing online meat delivery service, but as of right now, it only serves a few Karnataka cities, including Mysore and Udayagiri.

Meatup offers a wide variety of meat products, including chicken, mutton, eggs, seafood, marinades, and unique meats like quail meat, lamb trotters, country chicken, and Kedarnath chicken, among others. Even ready-to-cook items like biryanis are available.

Meatup strives to deliver its customers 100% farm-fresh and healthy meat. All the Meat products offered by Meatup, are chemical and preservative free and go through numerous quality checks to ensure superior quality is delivered to its customers.

What we like about Meatup

  • You can check out their blog page to find out new meat recipes that you can try.
  • Customize your meat cutting as per your need.
  • To further ensure the meat quality, it doesn’t store any meat after processing and it accepts only pre-orders.
  • Meatup provides 24/7 customer service.
  • Priority deliveries and 30-min fast deliveries.
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